Hillbilly Horror Show (Film Review: “Tucker & Dale vs. Evil”)


A college camping trip intersects with an innocent fishing weekend between two good ole’boys in this hilarious and gory send-up of every hillbilly horror trope on the spectrum. It’s Deliverance-meets-Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with a little Fargo thrown in for good measure.


SnapShot Plot

If you’re the kind of person whose Thanksgiving gorge fest isn’t complete without a treacly family film that’s so sweet it makes your teeth sing, then skip this one entirely, as Tucker & Dale vs. Evil  may be the bloodiest comedic horror film ever.

The always entertaining Tyler Labine (Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Little Evil; Mountain Men; Best Man Down) plays Dale, a sweet country boy who has no game when it comes to girls. His best pal, Tucker (in another hilarious turn by probably the most underrated comedic actor in the business, Alan Tudyk) tries to convince Dale what a great guy he is, encouraging him to talk to a pretty blonde who’s on a weekend camping trip with her group of vacuous college friends.  The two parties find themselves sharing the same section of the woods, and from the initial stereotyping of Tucker and Dale by the college kids, the misconceptions and assumptions about each other generate devastating consequences, in deviously slapstick fashion.


“He’s heavy for half a guy!”

Parting Shot

Director, Eli Craig, who co-wrote Tucker & Dave vs. Evil with Morgan Jurgenson, is someone who knows how to put a twist on classic cinema tropes, both on the page and in the action and editing, as he did with the Satan’s spawn plot-line in this year’s Little Evil. His point of view is zany, irreverent and just the right blend of laughs and sentiment. As he’s said of this film, “Ultimately it’s a very sweet, romantic comedy and unfortunately a lot of kids die along the way.” I’ll just leave it at that.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is presently streaming on Netflix.

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YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9kFUYuaRwCM

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