A Wee Wing Man (Film Review: “The Runway”)

The Runway is a little Irish film (based on a true story) that will gladden your hearts this day-after-Christmas.

SnapShot Plot 

Nine year-old Paco and his pal, Frogs have little to entertain themselves other than daring boyhood mischief in the mostly unemployed small town of Dromoleen in the County Cork. Until one day when a plane makes a crash landing in the fields outside of town and young Paco comes face to face with the exotic pilot, a Colombian named Ernesto who’s in dire need of shelter and a bed for the night. Paco has never known his father and all he’s learned about him from his mother is that he’s away in Spain. This has made him the brunt of much ridicule in the town, and although his Mom encourages him to develop a thick skin, he’s still dreaming of the day his Dad will return to them, and so each night before falling asleep he listens to Spanish lessons on tape. Hence when Paco ‘rescues’ Ernesto, it appears that he’s the only soul in Dromoleen who has the vaguest notion what Ernesto is saying. In a bit of ingenious improvising, Paco gets the entire town to rally behind Ernesto to repair his plane and help him get back home.



Parting Shot

Written and directed by Ian Power and based on a true story which (according to one report) revealed that the town so took the South American pilot under their wing that during his five-week stay they even had him judge a local beauty contest, The Runway is a mild-mannered little charmer of a movie fit for the whole family.

Fans of Demián Bichir (who plays Ernesto) will recognize him from the beautiful film, A Better Life as well as the Showtime series, Weeds. Also interesting to note that in The Runway, the hardened criminal who turns up at the end and is actually Ernesto’s brother, is indeed his real-life brother, Bruno Bichir, another well-regarded actor in their native Mexico. In fact, the two brothers co-starred in the highly regarded (yet unfortunately cancelled) series on FX, The Bridge, which itself was an English language remake of the wildly popular Danish series by the same name. Gee, it’s starting to look like those matryoshka Russian nesting dolls, eh? And just when you thought Norma’s Streaming Picks wasn’t going to include anything Danish! 

Featured Image Courtesy of:  http://www.rte.ie/presspack/2012/08/16/rte-to-showcase-top-irish-films-in-ireland-on-screen-season/

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