Hero Worship (Film Review: “The Kid”)

A thrilling tale about the legendary feud between outlaw Billy the Kid & Sheriff Pat Garrett, and the young boy caught in the crossfire. Continue Reading →

Her Boyfriend’s Man Crush (Film Review: “Juliet, Naked”)

A clever, warmhearted comedy about the dangers of settling for less, as well as meeting your idols in real life. Suddenly it’s a triangle. Continue Reading →

Talk Therapy -or- ‘Before’ No More (Film Review: “Before Midnight”)

Cinema’s celebrated triptych on Modern Love, the final installment in the ‘Before’ series finds Celine and Jesse at a somber mid-life crossroads. Continue Reading →

2 Days in….Pick a City!(Film Reviews: “2 Days in Paris”; “2 Days in New York”)

“I’m going to be 38, I’m fat and I’m a pain in the ass.” “But you’re French…” Continue Reading →