At Least She Loves Her Dogs (Standup Review: “Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me”)

If you already know who she is, then Enjoy! If not, or if you’re easily offended, perhaps Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me isn’t the comedy special for you.


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It’s about time Netflix welcomed America’s Comic Guilty Pleasure, Chelsea Handler to the family. Apparently this stand-up performance in Chicago is the first installment of a deal that includes a new late night show and several comedy specials with the female shock comedian. Handler takes nothing and no one seriously in her act, and if you don’t believe me, just wait til she talks about her deadbeat parents :  “. . I would wake them up and say, ‘Hey @!*#$%, I need to go to Nursery School, can one of you get out of bed? What’s the game plan here?’ ”

There are a few moments (or should I say, images…you’ll know which ones I mean) where Handler just can’t stop herself from going over the edge, yet just when you swear she’s gone too far, she pulls it back in a daring save that reproaches you for the earlier assumption you’ve made. And then you’re reminded….. it’s a Joke, Sherlock!



 “Whether I had sex or not, I always take my Morning After pill.”

Parting Shot

Clearly Chelsea Handle is not for everyone. Her late night talk show, her books and appearances are always testing boundaries and pushing the envelope. Her no holds barred approach to sexuality, gender issues, race and ethnicity would make even the most jaded among us, blush at times. But to simply write her off as crude or vulgar would be missing her undeniably unique comic perspective. Although I do think she could get the same bang for her buck without cursing as much as she does, I find her humor irreverent, truthful, self-deprecating to a fault, and just plain FUNNY. So I guess I’ll just end by saying: You’re Welcome and/or I’m Sorry.

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