My Kinfolk (Film Review: “Hillbilly Elegy”)

One American family’s struggles with multi-generational abuse & addiction, based on the best-selling memoir. Continue Reading →

An Orphan Story (Film Review: “The Life Ahead”)

Sophia Loren returns magnificently in this story of an aging prostitute and Holocaust survivor’s bond with a young African orphan on the streets of Bari. Continue Reading →

Une Amuse-Bouche (Series Review: “Emily in Paris”)

From the Creator of Sex & The City, a charming confection about the transformational effect of The City of Lights on a young American workaholic. Continue Reading →

Sea Shanties (Film Review: “Fisherman’s Friends”)

A charming retelling of the true story about a group of Cornish fishermen who took the music charts by surprise. And they’re still singing today. Continue Reading →

‘Til Death . . . (Film Review: “1922”)

From the mind of Stephen King, a Depression-era rural tragedy that begs the question: can Vengeance outlive Death? Continue Reading →

Hero Worship (Film Review: “The Kid”)

A thrilling tale about the legendary feud between outlaw Billy the Kid & Sheriff Pat Garrett, and the young boy caught in the crossfire. Continue Reading →

An Octopus’s Garden (Documentary Review: “My Octopus Teacher”)

The surprising & profound bond between one man and the highly intelligent underwater creature who changed him inexplicably. Continue Reading →