The Downer Days of Christmas (Film Review: “Christmas, Again”)

An antidote to the relentless holiday genre movie, Christmas, Again is a quietly observed character portrait and anything but a Hallmark card. Continue Reading →

Romeo & Juliet in the Gaza Strip (Film Review: “A Borrowed Identity”)

A Borrowed Identity is a modern day tale of star-crossed lovers across the Israeli-Palestinian divide. Continue Reading →

He Said/He Said (Documentary Review: “Best of Enemies”)

Two titans of intellect square off against the backdrop of America’s 1968 Presidential Election, changing TV news forever. Continue Reading →

Leave the Gun, Take the Chocolates (Film Review: “In Bruges”)

A modern classic, In Bruges is a darkly comic tale of displaced assassins . . . its a love story, really. Continue Reading →

If Supergirl Wore Black Leather (Series Review: ” Jessica Jones”)

Marvel’s Jessica Jones introduces an antisocial, former superhero crime fighter whose past comes back to haunt her. It doesn’t disappoint. Continue Reading →

A Lethal Case of Writer’s Block (Film Review: “Man From Reno”)

A mystery/thriller that asks more questions than it answers, Man from Reno conjures an exotic spell from start to finish. Continue Reading →

No Roman Holiday Here (Film Review: “Suburra”)

Italian crime drama, Suburra depicts a bloody & corrupt relationship between the Mafia, the Parliament and even the Vatican itself. Continue Reading →