A Wee Wing Man (Film Review: “The Runway”)

A family-friendly Irish film (based on a true story) that will gladden your hearts this day-after-Christmas. Continue Reading →

Home is Where the Homicide Is (Series Review: “Dicte”)

The title character seems to attract dead bodies like salt to licorice in this entertaining Danish crime series. Continue Reading →

At Least She Loves Her Dogs (Standup Review: “Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me”)

If you already know who she is, then Enjoy! If not, and you’re easily offended, perhaps Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me isn’t the comedy special for you. Continue Reading →

The Search for Bounty (Film Review: “The Retrieval”)

A Civil War drama that illustrates what happens when Fear trumps Morality Continue Reading →

Boo Radley Came Out (Film Review: “Broken”)

If there had to be a cinematic adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird, thankfully it’s the lyrical and gut-wrenching Broken. I urge you to resist your reluctance and let this one in. Continue Reading →

Grief is Messy (Film Review: “Burning Man”)

What starts off as a confusing landslide of jumbled snippets turns into a raw portrait of one man’s grief in the Australian film, Burning Man . Continue Reading →

Return to the Fatherland (Film Review: “After The Wedding”)

A subtle family potboiler that reverberates with suspense and surprises, After The Wedding is proof positive that Danish film is alive and well worth the subtitles. Continue Reading →