Can Derek Make Me Love Ricky Gervais? (Series Review: “Derek”)

The British series which attempts to show the softer side of Ricky Gervais. Sorry to disappoint….. Continue Reading →

Like Walking Into A Shirley Temple Convention (Documentary Review: “Jig”)

Jig is a surprisingly emotional and nail biting documentary about a handful of amazingly dedicated children, teens and young adults across the globe as they train to compete in the 40th Irish Dancing World Championship, held … Continue Reading →

Should We Stay or Should We Go? (Film Review: “Little White Lies”)

Imagine if The Big Chill were remade 30 years later with an all French cast, complete with lost loves, a missing friend, secret longings, and brittle marital ties. That’s Little White Lies  (Les Petits Mouchoirs) in … Continue Reading →

Well THIS Brunch Totally Bombed (Film Review: “It’s A Disaster”)

If your world was about to end in a few short hours, how do you think the dreaded Sunday Couples Brunch would roll? That’s the question posed in It’s A Disaster, a smart, 2012 black comedy … Continue Reading →

The Nordic Noir Crime Beat (Series Review: “Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter”)

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter delivers the goods with a healthy dose of Nordic Noir. A strong female lead with a demanding job she loves which puts even more demands on a complicated personal life. Sit back and enjoy this one. Continue Reading →

The Empathic Strangler (Series Review: “The Fall”)

The suspense builds ever so slowly as the city of Belfast reaches the dreadful conclusion that it’s got a sadistic serial killer in its midst in the intelligent crime thriller, The Fall. Do not miss this one! Continue Reading →

A Delicate Balance of Harmony (Film Review: “A Late Quartet”)

A Late Quartet is a lovingly crafted and beautifully acted drama which peels back the stuffy veneer of the classical music scene to reveal the beating hearts beneath.  The drama centers on the members of The … Continue Reading →