The High Price of Ransom (Film Review: “I’m Not Scared”)

A visually stunning landscape of one child’s bucolic summer is interrupted by a life and death journey from which there is no turning back. Continue Reading →

Sorrow & Terror Meet Little Red Riding Hood (Film Review: “Don’t Look Now”)

“My daughter is dead, Laura. She does not come peeping with messages back from behind the grave! Christine is dead. She is dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!” Continue Reading →

When Pigs Fly (Film Review: “Ricky”)

What starts out as a story of an ordinary single mother struggling to raise her young daughter while working a boring factory job quickly becomes a remarkable tale of a miraculous infant who sprouts wings … Continue Reading →

It’s BACK . . . Spiral Season 4! (Series Review: “Spiral Season 4”)

That’s right, you fellow Spiral junkies! Season 4 has FINALLY hit Netflix and not a second too soon, as I can’t imagine a more festive way to celebrate the holiday season than with gruesome crime stories and police intrigue in a Paris I pray none of us will ever have to visit. Continue Reading →

Must Love Huskies (Film Review: “Eight Below”)

“If you go any further South, you’ll fall off the planet. . . ” Continue Reading →

Suffer the Little Children (Film Review: “What Maisie Knew”)

What Maisie Knew is a film adaptation of an 1897 novella by Henry James (that’s right, fellow English Lit. majors…heads up!) starring Julianne Moore, Alexander Skarsgard, and one of my favorite actors, Steve Coogan. You’ll … Continue Reading →

Your Dead Girlfriend is Haunting My Bathtub (Film Review: “The Hidden Face”)

The Hidden Face  (La Cara Oculta) is a 2011 Spanish film that I promise won’t disappoint you even though I know you’ll be so tempted to turn it off after 10 minutes and wonder if Norma’s … Continue Reading →