If These Walls Could Talk (Film Review: “Blind Date”)


An entertaining amuse bouche of a comedy about opposites attracting, sight unseen. And about ‘good walls making good neighbors’ . . . sort of.

SnapShot Plot

In a winning deviation from the ‘Cute-Meet’ conceit of most Romantic Comedies, the two appealing leads in the French film, Blind Date (Un Peu Beaucoup, Aveuglement) take much more time to actually meet than one would expect. But there’s more to it than that. . . bien sur.

When a young – somewhat naive – classical pianist moves into a Parisian apartment building to try and make it on her own for the first time in her life, she’s met with a mysterious ‘presence’ in the form of a reclusive, anti-social neighbor who clearly doesn’t want her or her piano living next door. He is a genius inventor, a guy whose cerebral games and puzzles have made a name for himself but whose utter disdain for his fellow humans has created a hermetic lifestyle indeed.

After a quite amusing phase in which they each resort to their own personal brand of guerrilla warfare tactics to drive the other one either out of his/her mind or out of the building – whichever comes first – a clever reconciliation challenges them to find a way to be together . . . while living apart. How will this musical/mechanical experiment end?



Parting Shot

Directed by Clovis Cornillac, who himself plays Machin, with a perfect counterbalance in the winsome beauty, Mélanie Bernier, who plays Machine, Blind Date has its fair share of Rom-Com predictability, but it’s appeal doesn’t rest on plot structure. It’s a lovely, uplifting little movie with wonderful performances and strong supporting characters, plus a musical score that’s quite emotionally stirring. So maybe we’ve heard this symphony before, but the variations on the theme make it unique and by the end of the film, I challenge you not to exclaim – with feeling – Vive la différence!

Blind Date is presently streaming on Netflix.

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YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZK8cOTQcnM

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