Welcome to Norma’s Streaming Picks!

Hi, my name is Norma and I just want to welcome you to Norma’s Streaming Picks, where I’ll be presenting to you what I feel is the Best in Instant Streaming, whether it be on Netflix or beyond. There’s so much out there, available at the mere touch of a key, but you could spend tons of time wading through it before you find just that perfect movie or TV series to help you wind down after a long day or while you’re stuck in the airport or waiting for the train or simply trying to plan your entertainment over the weekend.  You know what I’m talking about!

I’ve included more about my background on the About page, but suffice it to say that I’m thrilled to FINALLY have a forum that makes sense for the recommendations I’ve been making to my friends & family for years now.  I’d also like to thank the brilliant and talented Giovanna for rescuing me from the brink of insanity as I was trying to teach myself blogging by OCD’ing  on two opposing YouTube tutorials for a month straight.  She is the reason Norma’s Streaming Picks is a pretty girl (if I say so myself!)

So again, I hope you like the site and, most importantly, enjoy the things I’m recommending; they’ve brought me great pleasure over the years and I hope they will for you too.  And if you care to tell your friends & families about the blog, I’d very much appreciate that!



PS  Thanks also to David Deutsch, who kept trying to convince me I couldn’t break the Internet…you were right, David!

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  • Giovanna says:

    Keep up the good work, Norma! Glad to have been of service 🙂

  • Love the new venture and I wish you all the best! I’ve not had time to give this a proper look see but in case it’s not here Jerry Seinfeld’s internet series: Comedians in cars getting coffee, is fabulous!


    • Norma says:

      So glad you like what you see so far, Betsy! And thanks for that wonderful tip about the Jerry Seinfeld series. A good friend told me to check it out last year and I’d forgotten about it…so now it’s going on the List! Stay tuned for next week’s “issue” which will partially feature some documentaries about food, in honor of NYC’s Restaurant Week!

  • Norma!
    What a surprise this is! So what Netflix best picks do you recommend?
    I’m not on any social networks by choice, so this is pretty cool.

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