Our New Friends & Neighbors (Film Review: “The Overnight”)

Some people welcome new neighbors with baked goods, but in this hilarious yet unsettling comedy, it takes the form of a sexy sleepover that blurs the boundaries between budding friendship and swinging shenanigans.

SnapShot Plot

It’s hard to be prepared for the level of sexual frankness (and full frontal nudity) that awaits the unwitting viewer of The Overnight, a film that I found mostly funny and honest while at times embarrassingly raunchy. Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black) and Adam Scott (TV’s Parks & Recreation and countless clever films) are a transplanted couple from Seattle, trying to figure the lay of the land in their new and hip LA neighborhood. They meet (the PERFECTLY CAST) Jason Schwartzman, a tres cool father whose young son seems to really hit it off with their own boy of the same age. He invites them to his home that evening for a casual family dinner, where they meet his beautiful French wife. It’s all fun and games until the kids are sent to bed, at which point things go from light and casual to bizarre and dangerously tempting. It’s also brazenly challenging yet still manages to be light and funny. You be the judge.



Parting Shot

Writer/Director Patrick Brice pulled off quite a hat trick in The Overnight. Although there were more than a few cringe worthy moments, and one extraneous scene in which the two wives leave the house (which didn’t feel necessary) the movie really pushed boundaries, clocking in at 80 minutes for just the right amount of time. I’m not sure I’d want to see much more of these folks. Speaking of which . . . all I’ll say is that they’re doing amazing things with prosthetics these days. Yep, I checked.

To the Baby Boomers among us, the groundbreaking sex comedy of our time was Paul Mazursky’s risque 1969 film, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice. Here’s a look back at the whole California Dreamin’, groovy mindset which seems like both the inspiration for this movie as well as a fitting ending. From the movie that started it all, a video montage set to the classic Jackie DeShannon tune, ‘What the World Needs Now is Love’, which was the soundtrack to the ending:


The Overnight is presently streaming on Netflix.

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YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R54tN3njkpE

YouTube 2nd Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LhWo7kKU_So


  • Richard says:


    I watched this movie. At times I felt a little uncomfortable with the content (yes, even me), but I think that was the intention of the movie. Overall, I liked it!


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