Singing to the Troops (Film Review: “The Sapphires”)

Based on a true story, a feel-good Aussie tale about a group of Aboriginal girls with big dreams of singing professionally and seeing the world. The Vietnam War was an unexpected first stage. Continue Reading →

Can A Song Save Your Life? (Film Review: “Begin Again”)

Begin Again is a soulful charmer from start to finish, hitting all the right notes and begging to be seen again and again. Continue Reading →

The Russians Are Coming! (Film Review: “The Concert”)

Tchaikovsky is either rolling in his grave or cheering from the heavens for the sometimes ridiculous but often sublime film, The Concert. Continue Reading →

Pushing Monsieur Daisy (Film Review: “The Intouchables”)

If you skip this film because it’s got subtitles, you’d be making a BIG mistake. The Intouchables is an INSTANT CLASSIC. Continue Reading →