Anniversary Milestone -or- Tombstone (Film Review: “45 Years”)

In the days leading up to their 45th wedding anniversary, an elderly couple receives disturbing news from the past. Will new revelations on an old tragedy threaten to erode their future together? Continue Reading →

Photos: ©2012 TOM TRAMBOWProject: "ZWEI LEBEN_TO LIV"Zinnober Film GmbHB & T Film GmbHHelgeland Film ASProducers: Dieter Zeppenfeld, Rudi Teichmann, Axel HelgelandDirector & Author: Georg MaasCamera: Judith KaufmannProduction Designer: Bader El HindiCostume Designer: Ute PaffendorfMake Up Design: Susana Sanchez NunezDay #28Scene: 1968 - Leipzig, Stasi Zentrale45 Hugo tells Katrine about American U-boats.1970 - Leipzig, Stasi Zentrale75 Hugo looks at picture of Bjarte.1970 - Leipzig, Stasi - Zentrale140 Hugo threatens Katrine with newspaper article.1968 - Leipzig, Stasi-Interrogation.97 Hugo is angry because Katrine doesn't remember.?????Cast:01A Young Katrine - Klara Manzel07. Hugo - Rainer Bock--------------Abwesend:01. Katrine - Juliane Koehler02. Bjarte - Sven Nordin03. Ase - Liv Ullmann04. Anne - Julia Bache-Wiig05. Solbach - Ken Duken06. Turid - Felix08. Junge Frau - Vicky Krieps09. Kahlmann - Thomas Lawinky10. Hogseth - Dennis Storhoi11. Dolmetscher - Matthias Sommer                                 Christoph Maria Glaser

The Return of the Daughter

An engrossing portrait of a life both real and manufactured – set against a Cold War backdrop – and the shattering effects on one family long after the Berlin Wall divided a nation. Continue Reading →

We Have A Pope-FEAT

How Do You Say No to God?

You don’t have to be a Catholic to be a fan of Pope Francis. In one short year this pious, humble rock star has reinvigorated a dying Church in the eyes of billions around the … Continue Reading →