Blame It On The Brisket (Series Review: “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”)

When a clever young woman’s perfect NYC life and marriage go up in flames, what’s a nice Jewish girl to do but turn the disaster into a joke. World, meet Midge Maisel. Continue Reading →

Love+Time-Distance = Hate (Stand-up Review: Louis C.K. 2017)

Louis C.K.’s new comedy special is like being an unwitting particle caught up in a supercollider of disparate and inappropriate thoughts that bang up against each other but somehow fuse into a pure, unapologetic, comedic energy. Warning: Not for the politically correct. Continue Reading →

From Apartheid Straight to Your Living Rooms! (Stand-up Comedy Review: “Trevor Noah: African American”)

Meet Trevor Noah . . . can he fill Jon Stewart’s shoes or has he failed before he’s even sat behind the desk at The Daily Show? Continue Reading →

At Least She Loves Her Dogs (Standup Review: “Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me”)

If you already know who she is, then Enjoy! If not, and you’re easily offended, perhaps Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me isn’t the comedy special for you. Continue Reading →

I Feel, Therefore I’m Right (Stand-Up Review: “Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend”)

The kind of show the whole family can enjoy together because Mike Birbiglia is among the last of a dying breed: a clean comic. Continue Reading →