When Bloodlines Blur (Series Review: “The Romanoffs”)

A mostly effervescent anthology series that poses the archetypal question, ‘what if there was a sole survivor in the Romanov massacre?’ If the answer is YES, what would the Russian royal bloodline’s transmogrification look like in a modern-day setting? Continue Reading →


Small Town Crime Noir, In Reverse (Film Review: “Shimmer Lake”)

If you can count backwards from five, you’re sure to enjoy one of the freshest crime thrillers to come out of small town America since Fargo. Continue Reading →


Reading, Writing & Smoking: A Literary Road Trip (Film Review: “The End of the Tour”)

You don’t need to have read David Foster Wallace to appreciate the acerbic, provocative and at times heartbreaking conversation depicted in this film, interspersed with lots of cigarettes and junk food. Continue Reading →