Springing Santa (Film Review: “Get Santa”)

An instant holiday classic that proves even jolly St. Nick can have a rap sheet. And that reindeer communicate in the darndest way.

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What If We’d Lost? (Series Review: “The Man in the High Castle”)

A gripping post WWII what-if-story set in a dystopian America after the Allied Army has lost the war to Japan and Nazi Germany. Totally addictive. Continue Reading →

Teacher’s Pet (Film Review: “Cracks”)

The bewitching and enticing Eva Green proves that even predatory monsters can be pitied. Continue Reading →

Should We Stay or Should We Go? (Film Review: “Little White Lies”)

Imagine if The Big Chill were remade 30 years later with an all French cast, complete with lost loves, a missing friend, secret longings, and brittle marital ties. That’s Little White Lies  (Les Petits Mouchoirs) in … Continue Reading →