When Bloodlines Blur (Series Review: “The Romanoffs”)

A mostly effervescent anthology series that poses the archetypal question, ‘what if there was a sole survivor in the Romanov massacre?’ If the answer is YES, what would the Russian royal bloodline’s transmogrification look like in a modern-day setting? Continue Reading →

The Act of Disobedience that Saved Paris (Film Review: “Diplomacy”)

A fact-based, intellectual nail-biter about the conversation that saved a city, Diplomacy argues for humanity over allegiance. Continue Reading →

The Golden Years, Sans Shine (Film Review: “Le Weekend”)

Don’t be fooled by the cheery poster or rom-com trailer for Le Weekend. This is serious business, delivered with a sly smile all the same. Continue Reading →

God’s Mixed Child (Film Review: “The Jewish Cardinal”)

The true story of a Jew who converted to Christianity and became a rising star in the hierarchy of The Church and one of Pope John Paul II’s most trusted advisers. Continue Reading →

It’s BACK . . . Spiral Season 4! (Series Review: “Spiral Season 4”)

That’s right, you fellow Spiral junkies! Season 4 has FINALLY hit Netflix and not a second too soon, as I can’t imagine a more festive way to celebrate the holiday season than with gruesome crime stories and police intrigue in a Paris I pray none of us will ever have to visit. Continue Reading →

2 Days in….Pick a City!(Film Reviews: “2 Days in Paris”; “2 Days in New York”)

“I’m going to be 38, I’m fat and I’m a pain in the ass.” “But you’re French…” Continue Reading →

The Dark Side of the City of Light (Series Review: “Spiral”)

A breathtaking and original scripted TV crime drama which shows a very different Paris from the one in the guidebooks. You’ll be glued to your screens. Continue Reading →