A Dish Best Served Old (Film Review: “Remember”)

A taught and tragic psychological thriller about a nursing home patient who turns assassin, seeking revenge on the Nazi soldier who – 70 years earlier – killed his entire family at Auschwitz. A nail biter like no other with a twisty reveal that will leave you shaken to your core. Continue Reading →

Photos: ©2012 TOM TRAMBOWProject: "ZWEI LEBEN_TO LIV"Zinnober Film GmbHB & T Film GmbHHelgeland Film ASProducers: Dieter Zeppenfeld, Rudi Teichmann, Axel HelgelandDirector & Author: Georg MaasCamera: Judith KaufmannProduction Designer: Bader El HindiCostume Designer: Ute PaffendorfMake Up Design: Susana Sanchez NunezDay #28Scene: 1968 - Leipzig, Stasi Zentrale45 Hugo tells Katrine about American U-boats.1970 - Leipzig, Stasi Zentrale75 Hugo looks at picture of Bjarte.1970 - Leipzig, Stasi - Zentrale140 Hugo threatens Katrine with newspaper article.1968 - Leipzig, Stasi-Interrogation.97 Hugo is angry because Katrine doesn't remember.?????Cast:01A Young Katrine - Klara Manzel07. Hugo - Rainer Bock--------------Abwesend:01. Katrine - Juliane Koehler02. Bjarte - Sven Nordin03. Ase - Liv Ullmann04. Anne - Julia Bache-Wiig05. Solbach - Ken Duken06. Turid - Felix08. Junge Frau - Vicky Krieps09. Kahlmann - Thomas Lawinky10. Hogseth - Dennis Storhoi11. Dolmetscher - Matthias Sommer                                 Christoph Maria Glaser

The Return of the Daughter

An engrossing portrait of a life both real and manufactured – set against a Cold War backdrop – and the shattering effects on one family long after the Berlin Wall divided a nation. Continue Reading →