An American in London (Stand-up Review: “Rob Delaney: Jackie”)

Co-creator/star of the hit Amazon series Catastrophe, Rob Delaney shares some insights on his American expat family’s life in London Continue Reading →

Springing Santa (Film Review: “Get Santa”)

An instant holiday classic that proves even jolly St. Nick can have a rap sheet. And that reindeer communicate in the darndest way.

Continue Reading →

Lying Your Way to Love (Film Review: “Man Up”)

An often hilarious slapstick comedy, Man Up offers a post-Valentine’s Day defense of Deceit as a recipe for Romance. Continue Reading →

Domestic Detectives (Series Review: “The Bletchley Circle”)

A crackerjack group of British women band together shortly after WWII to solve a serial murder case in London, bringing their special skills set as wartime code-breakers to the case in the riveting 3-part series, The Bletchley Circle. Continue Reading →