Too Soon? (Series Review: “Medical Police”)

Two American docs are swept up in a deadly international game of viral espionage in which they discover their true talents at crime-solving. . . a hilarious spoof that’s anything but politically correct and instantly infectious. Continue Reading →

Lying Your Way to Love (Film Review: “Man Up”)

An often hilarious slapstick comedy, Man Up offers a post-Valentine’s Day defense of Deceit as a recipe for Romance. Continue Reading →

Hear My Voice (Film Review: “In A World”)

An inside-the-industry comedy about the cut-throat (pun intended) voice-over wars in Hollywood, In A World is quirky and funny and still manages to be about something relevant. Continue Reading →

Girl Power Gone Deadly (Film Review: “Black Rock”)

I seem to be drawn to movies about being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and having to survive against all odds while being stalked by a crazed killer. Continue Reading →