A Crowded House (of Ghosts) (Film Review: “From Time to Time”)

A spooky yet tender all-star ghost story for the whole family, from the creator of Downton Abbey. Continue Reading →

I Do Believe in Spooks…I Do, I Do, I Do (Film Review: “The Awakening”)

“These boys aren’t worried about bumps in the night. They are frightened… to death.” Continue Reading →

Sorrow & Terror Meet Little Red Riding Hood (Film Review: “Don’t Look Now”)

“My daughter is dead, Laura. She does not come peeping with messages back from behind the grave! Christine is dead. She is dead. Dead, dead, dead, dead, dead!” Continue Reading →

What Time is Checkout? (Film Review: “The Innkeepers”)

With Halloween around the corner, my taste runs to the classic ghost story genre.  The Innkeepers is a clever little movie that sneaks up on you just when you’ve convinced yourself that writer and director … Continue Reading →