If These Walls Could Talk (Film Review: “Blind Date”)

An entertaining amuse bouche of a comedy about opposites attracting, sight unseen. And about ‘good walls making good neighbors’ . . . sort of. Continue Reading →

journey to greenlandFEAT

Frozen in Translation (Film Review: “Journey to Greenland”)

Two Frenchmen, a remote village on the arctic ice, polar bears and seal eyes, and family redefined make up the gentle and genial Journey to Greenland. Continue Reading →

what's In a nameFEAT

Name Game/Blame Game (Film Review: “What’s In A Name?”)

A family dinner party that goes off the rails . . . as only the French can do it. Continue Reading →


What’s the Return Policy on My Wife?

I Do: How To Get Married & Stay Single (Prete-moi ta main) is yet another in a long line of delightful French comedies that I simply cannot resist, and no matter my mood, they simply … Continue Reading →

the closet_FEAT

In or Out?

In honor of the Supreme Court’s recent overturn of D.O.M.A., here’s a classic French comedy from 2000 that has stood up well to the test of time, The Closet (Le Placard) starring veteran actors Daniel Auteuil, … Continue Reading →


Love With Mr. Wrong Never Looked So Right

 Heartbreaker (L‘Arnacoeur) is one of those films that had Norma chuckling, LOL-ing, and giggling with delight almost from the opening scene.  By the time the ride had ended I discovered that even the most perfect … Continue Reading →