Teacher’s Pet (Film Review: “The Girl with All the Gifts”)

A dystopian future in which mankind is outnumbered and the reason is chillingly familiar. Continue Reading →


Ugly Americans Amongst the Ruins (Film Review: “The Two Faces of January”)

No one is who they seem to be in the stylish thriller, The Two Faces of January, shot on location in Greece and Turkey. Continue Reading →

The RetrievalFEAT

The Search for Bounty (Film Review: “The Retrieval”)

A Civil War drama that illustrates what happens when Fear trumps Morality Continue Reading →

Eight BelowFEAT

Must Love Huskies

“If you go any further South, you’ll fall off the planet. . . ” Continue Reading →


A Delicate Balance of Harmony

A Late Quartet is a lovingly crafted and beautifully acted drama which peels back the stuffy veneer of the classical music scene to reveal the beating hearts beneath.  The drama centers on the members of The … Continue Reading →

Orange is the new black FEAT

I Have To Go To Another Prison……

“I have been felt up, stalked, and called Taylor Swift…so can you please just cut me some slack?” Continue Reading →