My Big Fat Patel Wedding (Documentary Review: “Meet the Patels”)

Meet the Patels is the hilarious real-life misadventure of an Indian son in today’s America who places his romantic future in the hands of his old-world parents. Continue Reading →

Ukraine Maidan Anniversary

From Peace to Bloodshed: 93 Days in Kiev (Film Review: “Winter on Fire”)

Stretching the bounds of documentary film making, this visceral detailing of the 3-month protest in Ukraine takes you not only behind the scenes but inside the action, both beautiful and bloody. Continue Reading →


She Should Have Gone to Rehab (Documentary Review: “Amy”)

This Oscar-winning portrait of the late, great Amy Winehouse reveals a ferocious talent barely contained within a troubled yet tender girl to whom fame and celebrity meant next to nothing. Continue Reading →

Gore Vidal and William F Buckley in makeup before their TV debate

He Said/He Said (Documentary Review: “Best of Enemies”)

Two titans of intellect square off against the backdrop of America’s 1968 Presidential Election, changing TV news forever. Continue Reading →

Philippe Petit's Performs High-Wire Walk Between the Twin Towers in 1974

Watch out for that First Step . . . It’s a Doozy!

“The artistic crime of the century,” the death defying feat in which one man walked a high-wire between the Twin Towers – without a net – blurring the lines between inspiration and insanity. Continue Reading →

what happened, miss simoneFEAT

Tortured, Gifted & Black: Nina Simone Explored

An unflinching narrative about the making of a legend . . . a brutally honest light on the brilliant yet profoundly troubled life of the unforgettable Nina Simone. Continue Reading →

little white lieFEAT

Race Identity OR How Much Brown Equals Black?

A timely documentary that shines a light on the hot-topic conversation about race identity, Little White Lie begs the question, ‘How skin-deep is race, after all?’ Continue Reading →