Blood Brothers (Film Review: “What We Do in the Shadows”)

New Zealand’s mashup of Big Brother-Meets-Dark Shadows-Meets-Twilight. A genre teasing vampire movie that is one bloody good time. Continue Reading →

the concertFEAT

The Russians Are Coming! (Film Review: “The Concert”)

Tchaikovsky is either rolling in his grave or cheering from the heavens for the sometimes ridiculous but often sublime film, The Concert. Continue Reading →

when jews were funny-FEAT

A Rabbi Walks into a Bar . . .

My favorite joke is about the Jewish mother whose son is rescued at the beach by the lifeguard, who after performing CPR hands the boy back to the sobbing woman, whose only response is, “He had a hat.” If you love that joke too, you should watch this film. Continue Reading →

We Have A Pope-FEAT

How Do You Say No to God?

You don’t have to be a Catholic to be a fan of Pope Francis. In one short year this pious, humble rock star has reinvigorated a dying Church in the eyes of billions around the … Continue Reading →

Nobody Else but You-FEAT

Now That I’m Dead I’ve Finally Found You

“In France we’re lacking writers who are as implausible as you.” “Is that a compliment?” “Not really.” Continue Reading →


Well THIS Brunch Totally Bombed

If your world was about to end in a few short hours, how do you think the dreaded Sunday Couples Brunch would roll? That’s the question posed in It’s A Disaster, a smart, 2012 black comedy … Continue Reading →