Forgive You, Fathers, For You Have Sinned (Film Review: “Spotlight”)

The searing and sensational movie that chronicled how a small group of Boston Globe investigative reporters took down the Catholic Church. Now more timely than ever, revisiting Spotlight. Continue Reading →


Father, I Confess (Film Review: “The Good Catholic”)

A sincere and modest film about an earnest young priest whose rigid servitude to the life of the cloth is challenged when a headstrong woman shows up in his confessional. Continue Reading →

little sisterFEAT

A Nun’s Gothic Revival (Film Review: “Little Sister”)

An offbeat comedy about a young nun’s visit home as the catalyst for confronting her dysfunctional family as well as challenging her vocational calling, Little Sister is as peculiar as it is moving. Continue Reading →

the jewish cardinalFEAT

God’s Mixed Child

The true story of a Jew who converted to Christianity and became a rising star in the hierarchy of The Church and one of Pope John Paul II’s most trusted advisers. Continue Reading →

We Have A Pope-FEAT

How Do You Say No to God?

You don’t have to be a Catholic to be a fan of Pope Francis. In one short year this pious, humble rock star has reinvigorated a dying Church in the eyes of billions around the … Continue Reading →