Anniversary Milestone -or- Tombstone (Film Review: “45 Years”)

In the days leading up to their 45th wedding anniversary, an elderly couple receives disturbing news from the past. Will new revelations on an old tragedy threaten to erode their future together? Continue Reading →

Springing Santa (Film Review: “Get Santa”)

An instant holiday classic that proves even jolly St. Nick can have a rap sheet. And that reindeer communicate in the darndest way.

Continue Reading →

That Was My Stop! (Film Review: “Last Passenger”)

A suspenseful British nail-biter that makes you think twice before stepping on your commuter train home. Continue Reading →

Boo Radley Came Out (Film Review: “Broken”)

If there had to be a cinematic adaptation of To Kill A Mockingbird, thankfully it’s the lyrical and gut-wrenching Broken. I urge you to resist your reluctance and let this one in. Continue Reading →