While the Lady Vanished (Film Review: “Agatha and the Truth of Murder”)

An amusing re-imagining of the 11 days the legendary murder mystery author went missing in 1926. . . when Author becomes Sleuth. Continue Reading →

Mommie Dearest Must Die (Series Review: “Ordeal by Innocence”)

For anyone who thinks they’ve got the most dysfunctional family on the planet, here’s an Agatha Christie murder mystery that will send you shrieking to therapy. Welcome home! Continue Reading →

No Mourning Period for Murder (Film Review: “Crooked House”)

An eccentric yet strangely enthralling entry in the ‘Mansion Murder’ genre (co-written by the creator of Downton Abbey), Crooked House is a twisty adaptation of the 1949 Agatha Christie novel that was a personal favorite of the Queen of Crime herself. Continue Reading →

That Was My Stop! (Film Review: “Last Passenger”)

A suspenseful British nail-biter that makes you think twice before stepping on your commuter train home. Continue Reading →

Well THIS Brunch Totally Bombed (Film Review: “It’s A Disaster”)

If your world was about to end in a few short hours, how do you think the dreaded Sunday Couples Brunch would roll? That’s the question posed in It’s A Disaster, a smart, 2012 black comedy … Continue Reading →