The Myth of Keeping Your Children Safe (Series Review: “Safe”)


A suspenseful 8-episode British thriller about a bereaved widower whose teenage daughter goes missing. Suddenly everyone’s a suspect in his upscale gated community where no one’s who they seem to be.

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American actor, Michael C. Hall (DexterSix Feet Under) proves he’s up to the task in the provocative British crime thriller, Safein which he plays pediatric surgeon Tom Delaney, a man struggling to cope with his two teenage daughters after the death of his wife. They live in a comfortable, sprawling community in the suburbs of London, where Tom is now secretly involved with a neighbor, Detective Sergeant Sophie Mason (wryly portrayed by Amanda Abbington). In fact, secrets abound in this gated community as he frantically searches for his daughter Jenny, tracing her steps back to uncover a web of cover-ups that indict not only a handful of suspects but whole families in a plot that could only spring from the pen of acclaimed mystery writer, Harlan Coben. Concurrent with Jenny’s missing is a parallel plot involving a neighborhood teacher, played by the intriguing French actress Audrey Fleurot (The IntouchablesSpiral) who is arrested on charges of sexual abuse with one of her students. She also happens to be the mother of the young man Jenny has been secretly seeing. How these two story lines are connected – as well as a tragedy from the past – plays out in a suspense-filled 8 episodes that will keep you guessing through to the mysterious ending.



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Created by Harlan Coben and Danny Brocklehurst, Safe is a fast-moving thriller that keeps several balls in the air at once, but its not as confusing a narrative to follow as the other British series from Coben (also on Netflix) entitled The Five. In terms of casting, despite Michael C. Hall’s dead-on British accent he still may be an acquired taste for some audiences; his brilliant work on the American series Dexter may have tainted his image, making his Tom Delaney’s sympathetic Dad a hard sell in this show. But as the Executive Producer of Safe, that decision may have been a contractual one, potentially. In any case, this show is a fun ride that often turns into a nail-biter, making Safe a sure bet to capture the imagination this weekend. Once you’ve tucked your kids into bed, safe and sound that is.

Safe is presently streaming on Netflix.

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