Dental Horrors & Other Hilarities (Stand-Up Review: “Michael McIntyre: Showtime”)

michael-mcintyre-posterBritain’s top funnyman literally skips through a side-splitting show that will make you think twice before naming your kid, loading a dishwasher, or ever going to the dentist again.


SnapShot Plot

In Michael McIntyre: Showtime, Britain’s top comic is in tiptop form, seamlessly wielding his hilarious observational humor and amazing rubber mouth acrobatics onto topics which include: marital sex; online booking; phonetically confusing names; and a hilarious bit for which he will be forever known, a misadventure at the dentist. Known for his physical energy and a penchant for bounding and skipping across the stage, McIntyre makes the most out of common family situations and everyday brushes with technology. And as if his funny takes weren’t enough, when he really gets going his voice escalates into a feminine, high-pitched squeal that is killer comedy.

Parting Shot

Some fellow comedians in England seem to either resent Michael McIntyre or chide him for being too non-political or topical. Personally, I think he’s brilliant. His is one of those success stories we can all relate to. He was so struggling to make it that just to survive and try to support his wife and young son, he kept getting more and more credit cards and maxing them out, living in fear of debt collectors and the bank. He took some major risks and now, years later, he’s laughing all the way to that bank. For a fascinating article/interview with Michael McIntyre, go to:

Because Michael McIntyre: Showtime was filmed during a massive 2012 arena tour, some of the jokes (especially toward the front) rely heavily on London’s having just hosted the Olympics, so if some of the names seem a bit ‘across the pond’ for us Yanks, just chalk it up to globalization and enjoy. By midway into the act, you’ll be too busy wiping away tears of laughter to dissect the distance, as comedy is indeed the universal highway that connects us all.

Michael McIntyre: Showtime is presently streaming on YouTube.


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  • Heather says:

    You were right !!!! I really enjoyed that one. He is one of my favorite comedians and I had the privilege of seeing him live in Dublin last year.

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