Woman’s Best Friend (Film Review: “Megan Leavey”)


The moving, true story of one female soldier, her canine soulmate on the battlefield, and her valiant efforts to give him a forever home after his final tour of duty.


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Megan Leavey is the true story of a lost soul who finds her inner warrior on the battlefields of Iraq as an enlisted soldier in the U.S. Marine Corps. Kate Mara (24; House of Cards) stars as Megan Leavey, a young woman with a troubled past and a non-existent future, whose fractured family offers very little in the way of solace or direction. She arrives at her decision to join the Army not out of any overriding patriotism but instead as a means of running away from her problems. This is where any comparisons to Goldie Hawn as Private Benjamin cease completely.

During the course of disciplinary punishment, Leavey finds herself assigned to cleaning out the K9 facility, where she becomes intimidated by a huge German Shephard named Rex, the one dog who resists any and all forms of human authority. But rather than go back to her normal training, Leavey decides to devote herself to working with military combat dogs, and soon finds herself put to the test when she’s given the choice to be paired with Rex. She boldly accepts the challenge, all the while knowing she doesn’t have a clue to the skill set required of her to survive in wartime. That’s when the love story between Megan and Rex begins.



Parting Shot

Directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite (Blackfish) and written by Pamela Gray, Annie Mumolo and Tim Lovestedt, Megan Leavey may at times feel like a made for TV biopic, but it succeeds in its main goal to tell a good story about patriotism, loyalty and heroism in the face of danger.  It’s a feelgood film that feels good to recommend, especially at a moment in our country’s history when our core values and those of our military are being dangerously politicized on all sides, a moment when Americans need to remember who and what we are in our hearts. And finally, it’s a story about Friendship, and about how the best friends we could ever hope to have sometimes walk on four legs instead of two.


For an interesting lesson in military dogs and how they do what they do, I urge you to check out this slideshow, from the film’s website: HOW DOGS SMELL BOMBS

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