Well THIS Brunch Totally Bombed (Film Review: “It’s A Disaster”)

If your world was about to end in a few short hours, how do you think the dreaded Sunday Couples Brunch would roll? That’s the question posed in It’s A Disaster, a smart, 2012 black comedy written and directed by Todd Berger. Berger has penned a clever script and even cleverer characters, with a neurotic nod to Agatha Christie suspense, global terrorist paranoia, Bible thumping fanaticism, biological pandemics and the already tainted reputation of Merlot.


SnapShot Plot

The picture features a wonderful ensemble cast, with Julia Stiles, David Cross and America Ferrera heading up the group of 30-something friends who grudgingly attend Sunday brunch each month at the home of one of the couples. It’s often an ordeal, as most of these pals go way back in each other’s lives, so they know where all the skeletons are in everybody’s closets. They just didn’t expect to become skeletons themselves on this given Sunday.  The one addition to the group is Glen, the (seemingly) level-headed new boyfriend of Julia Stiles, in a marvelous turn by David Cross. Cross has a tricky role as the anchor of the story through whose eyes we’re perceiving each of these oddball characters…until… well, we’re just not. The challenge here, of course, was to make us forget his hysterical Tobias F√ľnke from Arrested Development; mission accomplished. Oh, and Todd Berger himself shows up briefly as the lonely guy next door, Hal, donning a hazmat suit, which sort of tips off the friends that something is indeed amiss in the world.



If this is going to be my last drink on Earth, I just don’t really care for Merlot.


Parting Shot

It’s a Disaster is a smartly written ensemble comedy meant for people who appreciate gallows humor, snappy dialogue and charmingly neurotic characters with an edge.  Oh wait, that’s us! Croissant, anyone?


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