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Breaking out of TV sketch comedy, Heather McDonald: I Don’t Mean to Brag shows the writer and comedian in her funniest role yet: Wife and Mother.

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Fans of the late night comedy show, Chelsea Lately and its mockumentary sister show, After Lately will recognize Heather McDonald for her roundtable appearances and zinger impersonations of pop culture celebrities. Here, in her first stand-up special on Netflix, the leggy comedian dishes on the zany intersection of Fame and Family and the challenge in juggling them both with two young sons, a moody teenage step-daughter, and one husband with sleep apnea and a reluctance to open his wallet.

“If your husband insists that you share a fountain drink at Panda Express, Ladies, there’s an excellent chance that he will never spend a grand on a hooker. I’m just saying… let’s look on the bright side and keep these families together. Can we do that for America?”

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OK, she may play with her hair too much and after a while the exaggerated and breathless stripper poses lose their (limited) appeal, but mostly, Heather McDonald is funny. Her wry observations on marriage and family, coupled with her energetic imitations of celebrities such as Drew Barrymore and Celine Dion, make for an easy evening’s entertainment. I’ve seen some pretty vitriolic comments (on Netflix itself) waged against McDonald’s brand of humor, and at a certain point it just sounded mean rather than considered. I got the impression that her show might be too much a regurgitation of the stuff she did on Chelsea Handler’s roster, so the fact that I could never manage to stay up late enough to watch Chelsea Lately has no doubt made her routine seem fresh and funny to me. I also can’t help but wonder how much McDonald’s association with Handler may be a factor in the uber-criticism leveled against her, from those who simply dislike Chelsea Handler’s particular brand of crude humor (Uganda Be Kidding Me). I myself happen to enjoy it (not as a steady diet but an occasional amuse bouche) so if you’re OK with some raunchy humor but might like it with some pretty chandeliers, tight jeans and sparkly heels, this may be just the show for you!

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