Sweetheart of the Rodeo (Film Review: “Cowgirls & Angels”)

cowgirlsandangelsPOSTERCowgirls ‘n Angels is a family favorite sure to become an instant classic, about a plucky girl who joins the rodeo in hopes of finding the father she never knew. Oh and there’s fancy all-girl trick riding too!


SnapShot Plot

Young Ida Clayton is a feisty and sensitive young girl living with her single Mom in the rural Southwest, where kids still grow up riding horses, ranching is king and there’s nothing more exciting than when the rodeo comes to town. Played with guts and heart by rising star, Bailee Madison, Ida is sometimes infuriating and impulsively reckless but always wears her heart on her sleeve. When she stumbles upon a performance of the popular Sweethearts of the Rodeo (a much loved trick riding show), something clicks in the young girl, and before you can rope a steer she’s ingratiated herself to the crusty yet tender owner of the troupe, Terrence Parker (played with a delightful twinkle in his eye by veteran actor, James Cromwell.) To join the Sweethearts would mean the world to Ida, for it not only represents a built-in kinship and a connection to the horses she adores but a chance to somehow find the missing rodeo father she’s never met, who she only knows from a smattering of postcards written to her mother (Alicia Witt) long ago. Now if only she can convince the Sweethearts she’s got what it takes, as well as convince her Mom to let her ride with the big girls.


“The only difference between cowgirls and angels is that angels can’t ride as good.”

Parting Shot

As the summer winds down, many families are spending precious days with the youngsters before school starts, and when a wonderful picture comes along that is as entertaining as it is inspiring, it soon becomes a family tradition. Cowgirls ‘n Angels has been a favorite of ours since it became available as a streaming title a few years ago. There’s something for everyone. A live action family film that transcends the sexes and the generations, a movie that relies on good old fashioned storytelling, heartfelt characters and exciting physical action in place of animation and computer generated special effects. So pull up a saddle, there’s always room for more at the rodeo!

Cowgirls ‘n Angels is presently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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YouTube Trailer:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iCUIIc4Q-E

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