four lionsFEAT

Jackass Jihadis (Film Review: “Four Lions”)

A wildly funny yet disturbing spoof of Islamic terrorism at the hands of wannabe, bumbling jihadis. Think radicalized Jackass meets the Three Stooges. Continue Reading →

MUSTANG - feat

Sisters Under House Arrest (Film Review: “Mustang”)

A beautiful and engrossing tale of sisterhood and domestic rebellion in modern-day Turkey. Continue Reading →


Turning Japanese….I Really Think So (Film Review: “Tokyo Fiancée”)

A charming little fortune cookie about a Belgian Japanophile who meets a Japanese Francophile. A delightful East-meets-West coming of age film. Continue Reading →


A Resurrection in Death Valley (Film Review: “Valley of Love”)

Two estranged parents reluctantly follow their dead son’s final instructions, with the promise that he will reappear to them. A perplexing and deeply moving film starring two giants of French cinema. Continue Reading →


Whose Apartment Is It Anyway? (Film Review: “My Old Lady”)

A battle for prime Parisian real estate sets the stage for deeper emotional turf wars in My Old Lady. Continue Reading →


Fast Friends & Felons (Film Review: “Victoria”)

Victoria is a one-shot wonder, literally. One take, no edits and a feature film thrill ride that begs disbelief. Continue Reading →

the dinnerFEAT

Not OUR Bambini (Film Review: “The Dinner”)

A gripping Italian drama, The Dinner reveals what’s simmering beneath two brothers’ conflicted and intersecting families. Continue Reading →