Killer Art (Film Review: “Velvet Buzzsaw”)

A malevolently delightful satire of the slick world of modern art that steers headlong into popcorn horror . . . an uneven but visually and thematically sumptuous ride that’s anything but mundane. Continue Reading →

Bite Me (Film Review: “Night of the Living Dead”)

The granddaddy of the zombie genre and just as shocking 50 years later: Night of the Living Dead. Bring a flaming torch and your blankie. . . Happy Halloween! Continue Reading →

Into The (Cursed) Woods (Film Review: “The Witch”)

The Witch challenges the deepest recesses of the mind to separate supernatural terror from the historical record on religious hysteria. Think of it as a horror film for American History buffs. Continue Reading →

Knock, Knock, It’s Your Nightmare Calling (Film Review: The Babadook”)

One of the most disturbing psycho-horror films ever made . . . and a cautionary tale of Motherhood gone awry. Continue Reading →

A Crowded House (of Ghosts) (Film Review: “From Time to Time”)

A spooky yet tender all-star ghost story for the whole family, from the creator of Downton Abbey. Continue Reading →

Knock Knock, Who’s There? (Film Review: “Let The Right One In”)

A poignant coming-of-age love story which just happens to be dripping in blood. Continue Reading →

Going Down? (Film Review: “Devil”)

Have you ever wondered if the Devil walked among us? Just something to ponder the next time you step onto an elevator with total strangers. Continue Reading →