Through a Screen, Darkly (Series Review: “Black Mirror”)

Black Mirror is a ghastly (yet darkly comic) dystopia in which the staples of modern technology wield dire consequences. Put down your devices and pay attention. Continue Reading →


A (Funny) Hot Mess (Series Review: “Fleabag”)

Fleabag may be the most harrowing and hilarious series from across the Pond in years, a totally unique show which deftly weds grief & comedy, to sparkling effect. Continue Reading →


Detective Solve Thyself (Series Review: “Marcella”)

A riveting murder mystery that blurs the lines between the innocent and the guilty, hunter and hunted, in eight nail-biting episodes. Continue Reading →


When the Dead Play House (Series Review: “Witnesses”)

A new twist on model home staging . . . with real people simulating actual families, but in fact they’re actual corpses. Continue Reading →

secrets and liesFEAT

There Goes The Neighborhood (Series Review: “Secrets & Lies”)

A creepy peek at a nice suburban cul de sac, as long as you don’t look too closely behind those pretty picket fences. Continue Reading →

the fall season 2FEAT

Season Two & Nary a Stumble (Series Review: “The Fall: Season 2”)

Season Two of The Fall doesn’t disappoint. But you’ll never look at Barbie dolls the same way again. Continue Reading →

DickteMiso Film,ProductionDirected by Kasper BarfoedPhoto Credit:Rolf Konow

Home is Where the Homicide Is (Series Review: “Dicte”)

The title character seems to attract dead bodies like salt to licorice in this entertaining Danish crime series. Continue Reading →