Trained to Kill (Series Review: “Hanna”)

The captivating series based on the 2011 film, about a young girl raised in the woods by her father to be the perfect assassin. Until she discovers she’s not the only one.
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Castle Keep (Series Review: “Borgen”)

Scandinavia’s answer to The West Wing: a brilliant series about the palace intrigue swirling around Denmark’s first female Prime Minister. Continue Reading →

The 11 Minute Gap (Series Review: “The Trial”)

A driven prosecutor in Northern Italy can’t turn down a murder investigation, even when every ounce of common sense tells her she should. Continue Reading →

Murder & Pizza on the Streets of Naples (Series Review: “The Bastards of Pizzofalcone”)

When a disgraced cop from Sicily is assigned to a motley crew of loser detectives in the worst neighborhood in Naples, resignation turns to surprise when they start bringing serious criminals to justice. Continue Reading →

Singleton Squatters (Series Review: “Crashing”)

What happens when a group of disparate and over-sexed Brits share an unorthodox communal living space while navigating the treacherous waters of Romance? From the creator/star of Fleabag, this is Crashing. Continue Reading →

Girlfriend or Guardian? (Series Review: “Quicksand”)

In the aftermath of a school shooting, a well-liked Swedish girl is tried for murder. . . A riveting series about a disturbing relationship marked by conflicted loyalties. Continue Reading →

Not Without My Husband (Series Review: “The Widow”)

A grief stricken woman journeys into the Congo’s violent and corrupt underworld to get some answers on her missing husband, who was pronounced dead three years earlier. She’s not buying it. Continue Reading →