Fundamentals of Caring

A Special Needs Road Trip (Film Review: “The Fundamentals of Caring”)

A funny and touching story of the relationship between a challenging young patient and his emotionally broken caregiver. Can you say A.L.O.H.A? Continue Reading →

The Keeping RoomFEAT

Sisters in Arms (Film Review: “The Keeping Room”)

A somber yet gripping feminist drama set in the smoldering ash heap of the dying days of the Civil War. Continue Reading →


God Only Knows (Film Review: “Love & Mercy”)

A rapturous yet tragic biopic of legendary Beach Boy and musical icon, Brian Wilson, both then and now, in an astonishing dual performance by John Cusack and Paul Dano. Continue Reading →

WildLike Production Stills

Out on the Frontier, There’s No Place Like Home (Film Review: “Wildlike”)

A runaway and a loner forge a path of personal discovery in the quietly riveting and visually breathtaking film, Wildlike. Continue Reading →


Can A Song Save Your Life? (Film Review: “Begin Again”)

Begin Again is a soulful charmer from start to finish, hitting all the right notes and begging to be seen again and again. Continue Reading →

while we're youngFEAT

Ah Youth! (Film Review: “While We’re Young”)

A smart cross-generational comedy of manners that morphs into a delightful exposé about authenticity. Continue Reading →


Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor . . . (Film Review: “Ellis”)

In just over 14 minutes, Ellis manages to grip your heart and open it at the same time . . . a somber elegy to America. Continue Reading →