The Honeymoon Whodunnit (Film Review: “Murder Mystery”)

Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler dish out all the tropes in this comic romp that plays like an Agathie Christie/Clue mashup set against a sparkling Mediterranean setting. An easy watch to welcome in Summer. Continue Reading →


‘Til Death Do You Part (Film Review: “What They Had”)

A poignant drama about a devoted, elderly couple dealing with the ravages of Alzheimer’s and their adult children’s attempts to convince their father that the time has come to face an impossible decision. Continue Reading →


Crossing the Road (Film Review: “The Hundred-Foot Journey”)

A surprisingly deep yet lighthearted film about two clashing cultures, an East Meets West tale about the power of cooking that can blend even the most disparate palates and souls. Continue Reading →


Home OFF the Grid (Film Review: “Leave No Trace”)

A father and daughter’s solitary existence deep in the woods is fractured when the outside world forces them into society. Continue Reading →


Meet The Family (Film Review: “Junebug”)

A modest little movie that rises to the ranks of minor masterpiece, Junebug is one of the most critically acclaimed and loved films in recent memory, and the performance that put Amy Adams’ star squarely on the map. Continue Reading →


Nice Jewish Girls (Film Review: “Disobedience”)

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz show what a low simmer feels like in the lesbian potboiler Disobedience, about two Jewish women whose past comes back to shatter the pacts they’ve made with themselves since the turbulent love affair of their youths. Continue Reading →


Teaching Outside the Lines (Film Review: “The Kindergarten Teacher”)

A kindergarten teacher is convinced her student is the next Mozart, but her enthusiasm crosses the line from supportive to obsessive in this raw and unnerving drama. Continue Reading →