Love on the Spectrum (Film Review: “Keep the Change”)

A poignant and refreshingly honest story about two autistic people navigating the rocky road of romance in the Big Apple. . . a hilarious yet heartwarming journey. Continue Reading →

How To Come In From The Cold (Film Review: “3 Days of the Condor”)

A classic film that captured the imagination of an entire generation in the mid 70s, showcasing Redford and Dunaway at the height of their physical beauty, 3 Days of the Condor is still a piercingly relevant and seminal spy thriller, even more enjoyable the second time around. Continue Reading →

Off the Beaten Track (Film Review: “Transsiberian”)

When an American couple befriends two strangers on a train traveling through Russia’s Siberian wilderness, they have no idea what mayhem lies in their path. Continue Reading →

Her Boyfriend’s Man Crush (Film Review: “Juliet, Naked”)

A clever, warmhearted comedy about the dangers of settling for less, as well as meeting your idols in real life. Suddenly it’s a triangle. Continue Reading →

Ciao, Bro! (Film Review: “My Country”)

Two brothers who’ve never met – one in America and the other in Rome – team up for a road trip to their father’s remote Italian village. It’s a semi-comical feast for the eyes & the soul. . . and of course the stomach. Continue Reading →

The Honeymoon Whodunnit (Film Review: “Murder Mystery”)

Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler dish out all the tropes in this comic romp that plays like an Agathie Christie/Clue mashup set against a sparkling Mediterranean setting. An easy watch to welcome in Summer. Continue Reading →

‘Til Death Do You Part (Film Review: “What They Had”)

A poignant drama about a devoted, elderly couple dealing with the ravages of Alzheimer’s and their adult children’s attempts to convince their father that the time has come to face an impossible decision. Continue Reading →