whale riderFEAT

Swimming into Legend (Film Review: Whale Rider)

A classic Family Film rich in history & natural beauty, and brimming with meaning, Whale Rider is a feminist parable that shines a modern light on a thousand year-old legend. Continue Reading →


Springing Santa (Film Review: “Get Santa”)

An instant holiday classic that proves even jolly St. Nick can have a rap sheet. And that reindeer communicate in the darndest way.

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the short gameFEAT

My Caddy’s My Daddy

I tried to hit a golf ball once. That’s when I knew God had a sense of humor. Continue Reading →

Hachi a Dog's Tale-FEAT

How Much is that Doggie in the Window? (Film Review: “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”)

This is the kind of movie where you want the Kleenex close by. . . and I’m talking to the guys right now. Continue Reading →


A Pint-Size Butch & Sundance, Irish Style

“We were travelers once,Tír na nÓg; we were like gypsies.” “Why’re you talking to the horse?!” “Why not?” Continue Reading →

Eight BelowFEAT

Must Love Huskies

“If you go any further South, you’ll fall off the planet. . . ” Continue Reading →


Like Walking Into A Shirley Temple Convention (Documentary Review: “Jig”)

Jig is a surprisingly emotional and nail biting documentary about a handful of amazingly dedicated children, teens and young adults across the globe as they train to compete in the 40th Irish Dancing World Championship, held … Continue Reading →