Not So Gentle On My Mind (Documentary Review: “I’ll Be Me”)

America’s own Rhinestone Cowboy hits the road in a fearless and truly final farewell tour. Continue Reading →

A Mother & Son Nightmare (Film Review: The Babadook”)

One of the most disturbing psycho-horror films ever made . . . and a cautionary tale of Motherhood gone awry. Continue Reading →

On the Road Again . . . in Italy! (Film Review: “The Trip to Italy”)

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This Super-Hero has Needle Tracks (Film Review: “Puncture”)

Fans of Chris Evans as Captain America will hardly recognize him as a personal injury attorney with a serious drug habit in the legal thriller, Puncture.  Continue Reading →

The Blind Date Vanishes (Film Review: “About Elly”)

When this film began, I thought it would be like a Middle Eastern version of The Big Chill, maybe with less laughs and fewer hit singles. How wrong I was. Continue Reading →

Watch Your Step (Documentary Review: “Man On Wire”)

“The artistic crime of the century,” the death defying feat in which one man walked a high-wire between the Twin Towers – without a net – blurring the lines between inspiration and insanity. Continue Reading →

Nice Catholic Girls Do . . . (Stand-up Review: “Heather McDonald: I Don’t Mean to Brag”)

Breaking out of TV sketch comedy, Heather McDonald: I Don’t Mean to Brag shows the writer and comedian in her funniest role yet: Wife and Mother. Continue Reading →