Pushing Monsieur Daisy (Film Review: “The Intouchables”)

If you skip this film because it’s got subtitles, you’d be making a BIG mistake. The Intouchables is an INSTANT CLASSIC. Continue Reading →

Going Down? (Film Review: “Devil”)

Have you ever wondered if the Devil walked among us? Just something to ponder the next time you step onto an elevator with total strangers. Continue Reading →

Read the Music (Film Review: “Breathe In”)

Recipe for Disaster: Take one suburban marriage, add a frustrated husband in a mid-life funk, mix in a disapproving wife and a high-strung daughter, gently fold in one beautiful British exchange student and let simmer over a low flame until it boils over. Continue Reading →

Hear My Voice (Film Review: “In A World”)

An inside-the-industry comedy about the cut-throat (pun intended) voice-over wars in Hollywood, In A World is quirky and funny and still manages to be about something relevant. Continue Reading →

But She’s My Sister! (Film Review: “Your Sister’s Sister”)

A completely clever, deeply emotional and smart romantic comedy, Your Sister’s Sister is a keeper. It may just ascend to your Top Ten list, in fact. . . You can thank me later. Continue Reading →

The Golden Years, Sans Shine (Film Review: “Le Weekend”)

Don’t be fooled by the cheery poster or rom-com trailer for Le Weekend. This is serious business, delivered with a sly smile all the same. Continue Reading →

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (Documentary Review: “The Battered Bastards of Baseball”)

A delightful shaggy dog story, proving yet again that truth is stranger than fiction, The Battered Bastards of Baseball reminds us what the Love of the Game really means. Continue Reading →