Domestic Detectives (Series Review: “The Bletchley Circle”)

A crackerjack group of British women band together shortly after WWII to solve a serial murder case in London, bringing their special skills set as wartime code-breakers to the case in the riveting 3-part series, The Bletchley Circle. Continue Reading →

I’ll Take the Rembrandt, and Throw in a Few Rubens for Der Führer‎ (Documentary Review: “The Rape of Europa”)

The reason I’m so excited about George Clooney’s upcoming film, Monuments Men (due out in February) is because of the 2006 documentary which set the historical stage for this hotly anticipated release, a fascinating film … Continue Reading →

I Dress Dead People (Film Review: “Departures”)

A sneaky charmer from Japan that illustrates just how much life-infusing joy can come from working with dead people. Continue Reading →

What Time is Checkout? (Film Review: “The Innkeepers”)

With Halloween around the corner, my taste runs to the classic ghost story genre.  The Innkeepers is a clever little movie that sneaks up on you just when you’ve convinced yourself that writer and director … Continue Reading →

Brothers Across the Italian Divide (Film Review: “The Best of Youth”)

Where do I begin to tell you about a film that is so close to my heart that even silently recalling certain scenes can bring tears to my eyes and make me so very proud … Continue Reading →

What’s the Return Policy on My Wife? (Film Review: “I Do: How to Get Married & Stay Single”)

I Do: How To Get Married & Stay Single (Prete-moi ta main) is yet another in a long line of delightful French comedies that I simply cannot resist, and no matter my mood, they simply … Continue Reading →

A Regatta of Heroes (Documentary Review: “Boatlift: An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience”)

This may be the shortest film I’ll ever review but certainly one of the most important.  Boatlift, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience, clocking in at just under 12 minutes, is one of the most … Continue Reading →