And Baby Makes ‘I Do’ (Series Review: ” Catastrophe”)

Catastrophe may be the best reason yet to sign up to Amazon Prime. A sexy, hilarious Rom-Com in which Nature dons Cupid wings as the best matchmaker EVER.


SnapShot Plot

Rob is an affable American ad exec in London on business, who meets attractive Irish schoolteacher, Sharon in a crowded bar and before you can say Margarita, they’re ripping each other’s clothes off in his hotel room. What begins as a 1-night stand turns into a 6-day sex-capade, after which they politely bid each other farewell and promise to stay in touch. And at this point, you’re sort of hoping they will, as they clearly share that intoxicating mix of sexual chemistry and witty banter between them. A month later, Rob gets a call out of the blue from Sharon (his caller ID for her reads ‘Sharon: London Sex’) who angrily tells him she’s pregnant. When he asks her what she wants to do, she blurts, “I want to build a time machine out of your f-ing carcass and go back and make it un-happen!” She’s a charmer, that one.

Of course we already know they’re perfect for each other, but they need to figure this out over the course of the six short episodes in season 1, perfectly scripted by the show’s co-stars, Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan. These two are absolute magic as we delight in watching them getting to know each other, while at the same time navigating the strange and often scary landscape of pregnancy (at a certain age):

 “I’m sorry. I’m not pregnant and you are and it’s because of me. But if you’re gonna have this baby…”

“Who says I’m gonna have it?”

“Well, how old are you?”



Parting Shot

There’s a reassuringly familiar boy & girl-next-door quality to Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan, who at times so reminded me of a young James Garner and an Irish version of American TV star, Connie Britton. Delaney and Horgan are certainly attractive but in a real way that’s endearingly human and ultimately winning. These are refreshingly mature characters, fully formed 40-somethings who each bring to the relationship their own respective narratives and the flotsam of lives well-lived.

The supporting cast is equally delightful, with comic punctuation in the casting of Scottish actors, Ashley Jensen and Mark Bonnar as the girlfriend you love to hate who’s married to one of the most sexually peculiar characters I’ve seen on television in a long time. And the marvelous Carrie Fisher has a small but pivotal role as Rob’s mother, who makes hilariously toxic phone calls from America, attempting to talk him down from the ledge of matrimony to a total stranger.

The show also exploits the dependable fish-out-of-water trope, as Rob finds himself basically alone in a strange land, trying to fit in (literally, as it were for he’s the big American towering over everyone he meets), reduced to taking conference calls perched on Sharon’s tiny toilet in her minuscule bathroom while negotiating iffy European electrical currents. And I won’t ruin the deliciously sarcastic humor of Sharon and her family, but suffice it to say you’ll probably be rolling back the video to catch it all.

Catastrophe is the perfect streaming length for a comedy series: six 24-minute episodes that leave you pining for more as the last credits roll. An easy evening’s entertainment. The entire season was briskly directed by Ben Taylor, who I hope will return to helm Season Two of this warm-hearted yet delightfully sarcastic comedy that makes a convincing argument for putting the cart before the horse when it comes to Parenthood, Love & Marriage. It’s a MUST SEE!

Catastrophe is presently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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