Sleeping Beauties (Documentary Review: “Life Overtakes Me”)

A bizarre medical phenomenon hitting children of immigrant refugee families in Sweden (and beyond), in which they slowly detach from the world to the point of a slumber from which they cannot awaken. Continue Reading →


Murder & Pizza on the Streets of Naples (Series Review: “The Bastards of Pizzofalcone”)

When a disgraced cop from Sicily is assigned to a motley crew of loser detectives in the worst neighborhood in Naples, resignation turns to surprise when they start bringing serious criminals to justice. Continue Reading →


Die Another Day (Series Review: “Russian Doll”)

Gallows humor goes down neat like a shot of tequila with a cocaine chaser in this ultra black comedy about a foul-mouthed, hard drinking woman who keeps on dying in horrifying ways. Could it be her own Karma that’s causing this existential nightmare? Continue Reading →


The Honeymoon Whodunnit (Film Review: “Murder Mystery”)

Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler dish out all the tropes in this comic romp that plays like an Agathie Christie/Clue mashup set against a sparkling Mediterranean setting. An easy watch to welcome in Summer. Continue Reading →


Suddenly BFFs (Series Review: “Dead to Me”)

A darkly comic story about two women whose friendship intersects around the sudden death of one woman’s husband, and the guilty conscience which sets a bizarre series of events in motion. It’s a love story, actually. Continue Reading →


The Lie that Saved the World (Documentary Review: “Garbo the Spy”)

A peculiar documentary about perhaps the most peculiar double agent the world has ever seen, who duped the Nazis in a concocted deception that saved the entire D-Day operation. Continue Reading →


‘Til Death Do You Part (Film Review: “What They Had”)

A poignant drama about a devoted, elderly couple dealing with the ravages of Alzheimer’s and their adult children’s attempts to convince their father that the time has come to face an impossible decision. Continue Reading →