Singleton Squatters (Series Review: “Crashing”)

What happens when a group of disparate and over-sexed Brits share an unorthodox communal living space while navigating the treacherous waters of Romance? From the creator/star of Fleabag, this is Crashing. Continue Reading →


Still Amy (Standup Comedy Review: “Amy Schumer Growing”)

A VERY pregnant Amy Schumer muses on the strangeness of pregnancy and the bizarre tropes that society assigns to pregnant women everywhere. It usually bears little to no resemblance to reality. Continue Reading →


Outsource Your Suicide (Film Review: “Dead In A Week . . . or your money back”

A darkly comic, violently slapstick story of a depressed young man who can’t seem to get the job done, so he hires a professional to ‘off’ him, satisfaction guaranteed. Continue Reading →


Home OFF the Grid (Film Review: “Leave No Trace”)

A father and daughter’s solitary existence deep in the woods is fractured when the outside world forces them into society. Continue Reading →


Girlfriend or Guardian? (Series Review: “Quicksand”)

In the aftermath of a school shooting, a well-liked Swedish girl is tried for murder. . . A riveting series about a disturbing relationship marked by conflicted loyalties. Continue Reading →


The Jewish Problem (Film Review: “They Are Everywhere”)

A timely comedy that takes no prisoners in its sendup of Jewish stereotypes through the ages, refracted through a modern lens and playing out in disturbing ways across France and beyond. Continue Reading →


Ponderosa Mafia (Series Review: “Yellowstone”)

Kevin Costner smolders as the conflicted magnate of the largest cattle ranch in the U.S., whose family code more reflects The Godfather than Bonanza. Is he Ben Cartwright or Don Corleone on horseback? Continue Reading →