Still Amy (Standup Comedy Review: “Amy Schumer Growing”)


A VERY pregnant Amy Schumer muses on the strangeness of pregnancy and the bizarre tropes that society assigns to pregnant women everywhere. It usually bears little to no resemblance to reality.

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In typically raunchy-yet-endearing form, Amy Schumer Growingfilmed before a live audience in Chicago, pulls back the curtain of mystery surrounding all things pregnancy. As well as relationships, marriage, and the joys of menstruation (just to name a few embarrassing observational highs and lows). In a series of autobiographical – as well as archetypal – anecdotes, Schumer relates the story of her marriage, her husband’s diagnosis on the autism spectrum, and the truly horrifying details of her difficult pregnancy (she’s been hospitalized twice with dehydration related to severe and chronic vomiting). It’s an hilarious and politically astute journey, as she pokes fun at her own gender and generation as well as the seemingly entitled Millennials around her, set against the lens of the #MeToo movement. Nothing and no one is off limits, and if you’re squeamish about genitalia humor, you may want to skip this one.



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Written, directed by and (of course) starring Schumer herself, this is a disarming display of a bright talent at a personal crossroads. Motherhood has since descended on Amy Schumer this very week, timed perfectly for Mother’s Day this weekend. One can only imagine the wealth of material her newfound maternity will lend to her career. Schumer has proven herself one of the most confident, unapologetic comedians around whose body of work (stand-up, television & film) has solidified her as a comedy giant. But what makes her so watchable is her believability. She’s the precocious girl-next-door who’s not too pretty to pretend she’s something she’s not. She’ll tell you the truth, whether you want to hear it or not. And she speaks in a voice that gives the impression she’s the same person with her friends & family, a quality at once disarming and intoxicatingly refreshing. As this show states loud and clear, pregnant or not, Amy Schumer is still very much who she’s ever been.

Amy Schumer Growing is presently streaming on Netflix.

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