The Fury of the Fjord (Film Review: “The Wave”)

The Wave transforms scientific probability data into a naturalistic nightmare as only Nordic Cinema could imagine. Continue Reading →


What If We’d Lost? (Series Review: “The Man in the High Castle”)

A gripping post WWII what-if-story set in a dystopian America after the Allied Army has lost the war to Japan and Nazi Germany. Totally addictive. Continue Reading →


See Dick Run. Run, Dick, Run (Film Review: “The Candidate”)

The 1972 film that captured the cynicism and commoditization of American politicians, set against an insatiable media landscape. . . The Candidate resonates as a cultural clarion bell, now more than ever. Continue Reading →

four lionsFEAT

Jackass Jihadis (Film Review: “Four Lions”)

A wildly funny yet disturbing spoof of Islamic terrorism at the hands of wannabe, bumbling jihadis. Think radicalized Jackass meets the Three Stooges. Continue Reading →

Fundamentals of Caring

A Special Needs Road Trip (Film Review: “The Fundamentals of Caring”)

A funny and touching story of the relationship between a challenging young patient and his emotionally broken caregiver. Can you say A.L.O.H.A? Continue Reading →

The Keeping RoomFEAT

Sisters in Arms (Film Review: “The Keeping Room”)

A somber yet gripping feminist drama set in the smoldering ash heap of the dying days of the Civil War. Continue Reading →

MUSTANG - feat

Sisters Under House Arrest (Film Review: “Mustang”)

A beautiful and engrossing tale of sisterhood and domestic rebellion in modern-day Turkey. Continue Reading →